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Sound files Hemme recorded--some old--some new...His personal library is not extensive and some are presented here are from cassette tape replete with this medium's inherent sound quality. The selections will change from time to time. He has also included some PDF sheet music samples of selected arrangements. Order Requests

Amazing Grace -Tommy Emmanuel © Here is Hemme’s guitar transcription of “Amazing Grace” performed “live” by Australian guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel, whose epic interpretation warrants inclusion here since it’s such a popular piece. The PDF has a video link, source of the transcription and the additional audio mp3 was generated by Guitar Pro6. Enjoy!


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Sierra - Neil Larsen & Howard "Buzzy" Feiten © This is a transcription by Hemme from their 1980 release, “Full Moon.” Featuring piano, bass and drums, including the synth and guitar solos, it’s a classic of that era. Here is the .PDF sheet music and audio generated by Finale notation software. Enjoy!


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Walking the Strings - Merle Travis © Hemme transcribed this tune from a Marcel Dadi lp years ago. Here is the .PDF sheet music and audio. Nice little workout! (2003)


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Slat Key Soquel Rag - written by Patrick Simmons © - recorded by Hemme in 1983 with Akai 4000DB 2 track reel-to-reel when he transcribed it as a pencil arrangement from the Doobie Brother's 1983 "Farewell Tour" release. Sheet music of both the live and studio versions are updated here as Finale PDF files.


Larry The Logger Two-Step - written by Patrick Simmons © transcribed by Hemme as a pencil arrangement in 1984 and updated here as Finale PDF file. This lively, short, fingerstyle piece closes the Doobie Brother's 1977 "Livin’ On The Fault Line” release.


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Takin' It To The Streets: Doobie Brothers ©. A classic '70s era pop tune arranged by Hemme for a small horn band complete with a Finale mp3 and PDF. Enjoy!


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Minute By Minute: Doobie Brothers ©.  Enjoy!

Here is a great tune Hemme first learned attending G.I.T. "Jerry's Breakdown" by Jerry Reed (Hubbard), from his l.p. "Me and Chet," is clearly calisthenics for the right-hand replete with banjo roll patterns throughout. Lot's of fun to play at tempo. It is featured here as a Finale .pdf, including Chet Atkins' guitar and bass and drums. Audio is courtesy of Hemme's Finale transcription. Enjoy!

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?: Chicago © This is an inspired arrangement for Hemme's good friend, Dale Jones, a multi-instrumentalist. Here is a Finale mp3 and a PDF of the arrangement that is open for creation as a big band chart. Always fun to play!

25 or 6 to 4: Chicago © Here is a classic 3 horn tune by one of the '70's most popular bands. This arrangement is for big band yet maintains that 'small horn band' sound. Here is a Finale mp3 and a PDF of the arrangement. A blast to play!

King of the Road: Roger Miller © This example displays the consummate guitar skill of Lenny Breau. Culled from © "Guitar Sounds From Lenny Breau," it has been transcribed by Hemme with bass guitar, featuring Lenny's prowess at playing melody and syncopated rhythm guitar simultaneously. Here is a Finale PDF and the ensuing audio mp3. A real fingerstyle workout!

Green Eyed Lady: Sugarloaf © This is an example of a classic pop/rock tune from the '70's arranged and scored with Finale for guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. Here is an mp3, courtesy of Finale and a PDF of the arrangement. Fun to play!

Beatle Medley: Got To Get You Into My Life - Lady Madonna - Penny Lane & Back In The U.S.S.R. - Lennon/McCartney © Hemme's favorite pop band "The Beatles" was an easy choice for a big band arrangement. Here is an mp3, courtesy of Finale 2005 and a PDF of the arrangement.

My Own Way To Rock - Burton Cummings © Hemme has always liked this pop tune and thought it would make a great candidate as a big band arrangement. Here is an mp3 of his Finale chart and also the sheet music of his "big band" arrangement as a PDF.


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Deacon Blues - Walter Becker & Donald Fagen © Hemme arranged this classic Steely Dan tune for big band. Here is an mp3 and sheet music in PDF of his Finale "big band" arrangement.

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Johnny's Theme - Paul Anka & Johnny Carson © Hemme transcribed a version of this tune by Doc Severinson for a local big band called FatJazz. Here is an mp3 and the sheet music of his Finale 'big band' arrangement.


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Send in the Clowns - Stephen Sondheim © Hemme transcribed this version by the Stand Kenton big band. Here is an mp3 and the sheet music in PDF of his Finale "big band" arrangement.


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Faro's Rag - written by John Renbourn © - recorded to cassette 1983.
Hemme plays it in standard tuning.


Cannonball Rag - written by Merle Travis © - recorded to cassette in 1983. Hemme learned this from a version by Marcel Dadi.


General Lee - written by Steve Morse © - recorded at GIT 1986. Hemme plays rhythm, 1st & 3rd "Albert Lee" solos, and the head out. This was one of two tunes recorded at the school as part of his final project.


12th of July © - Hemme wrote this one while at GIT one weekend on his birthday. Recorded in Vancouver 1988 'live' with a rehearsal band that got together once a week to play originals.