The range of styles Hemme has transcribed is quite diverse. Hip hop, rock, metal, alternative, jazz, blues, country, classical, ragtime to today's flavor of the month, they all comprise his folio list in the "Music on Paper" sidebar.

Since 1989 Hemme has documented the music of jazz/fusion players Mike Stern, John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, All Holdsworth, Larry Carlton and Scott Henderson. Country virtuosos include Albert Lee, Jerry Donahue and Vince Gill as well as blues hallmarks Robben Ford, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker and Eric Clapton. A long list of rockers includes Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Jeff Healy, bass players Gary Willis, Geddy Lee and Chuck Rainey. Canadian artists include Rush, Kim Mitchell, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, The Tragically Hip, Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette, Nickelback, Bruce Cockburn, Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan. The "Music on Paper" sidebar displays a complete company and artist list of Hemme's work.

Hemme's very first attempt at a complete guitar transcription was published by Guitar World magazine in 1983; a one page reading of Steve Morse's "Little Kids" from the Dixie Dregs "What If" album. Needless to say this precipitated the beginning of a vocation he wasn't quite aware of at the time. Guitar Player Guitar World, Fingerstyle, Acoustic Guitar and Play Guitar magazines have all featured Hemme's transcriptions and annotations.

He has authored 3 folios based on guitar instruction videos; a bass book, "The Ultimate Blues Bass Basics" featuring Roscoe Beck, a slide guitar book, "Beyond Basics: Introducing Acoustic Slide Guitar" featuring Keith Wyatt and a swing guitar book, "Jump, Jive and Swing" also featuring Keith Wyatt. Transcribing the Musicians Institute (G.I.T.) Master Trax and Ultimate Play Along Series of books published by Warner Bros. was very fulfilling.

Hemme's 'guitar licks' transcriptions are also featured on the GuitarPort web software by Line6 Inc.

Two of the folios Hemme transcribed for Warner Bros.; Joni Mitchell's "Hits and Misses", prompted the web master of the Joni Mitchell site, Wally Breese, to interview him. Their conversation about the transcription process of the books is featured here.

Since 1989 Hemme has transcribed 250+ books, thousands of songs and also engraves music using Finale notation software. His skills at arranging and engraving are featured with companies such as Word Music Now (full orchestral), Mel Bay Publications (jazz curiculum & book engraving/layout), Artistsworks.com, Music Notes, Jamplay.com and Truefire.com. His work is also included as one of the first PDF downloads from iTunes as a bonus feature with Peter Frampton's "Fingerprints" CD. Custom and independent assignments/projects continue to keep Hemme actively involved in the ever-changing music landscape.

In August 2012 Hemme began freelance work for Jamplay.com as a video lesson and song transcriber. Jamplay.com is an online guitar lesson service that teaches you how to play guitar through over 432+ hours of video lessons, live daily webcam lessons, all from over 60 instructors.

Hemme began transcribing video guitar lessons for Truefire.com February 2015. The world's most comprehensive library of online guitar instruction with 25,000+ video guitar lessons from 400+ top educators for 500,000+ guitar players.

For more info contact Hemme at info@musiconpaper.com.

The photos of Jennifer Batten and Jeff Beck were taken
at Beck's show in B.C. Sept. 99 by James Dittiger.

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