Custom Transcriptions, Arrangements & Engraving


Do you want or need your music transcribed and/or arranged? It can be done for you!

Your transcription will be a publication ready PDF with standard notation and TAB,
if preferred
. Created with Finale or Guitar Pro 6.

  1. Submit your audio as a clear mp3 and/or a Youtube link with a minimum bitrate of 128 kbps along with a transcription time code, if needed (where the music starts and where it ends).

  2. Explain clearly what it is you want transcribed: guitar, bass, vocal, etc.

  3. The general transcription rate is $2.25 Canadian per measure with a $50 minimum order paid via PayPal. However, all requests are accessed individually and negotiable.

All transcription work is intended for private use only.


Do you want or need your music engraved?

Transform your pencil arrangement into professional looking, publication ready sheet music. Your engraved submission will be a high quality PDF.

Rates begin at $20.00/page for simple arrangements, marginally higher for orchestrations and intensive pieces.


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