Complete Idiot's Guide
To Guitar Exercises

Hemme authored “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Guitar Exercises” for Alpha/Penguin Publishing. The healthy tome, designed for the novice guitarist as well as the seasoned pro, is based on a highly organized system for mapping chords and scales along the fingerboard. The CAGED system, an acronym for the five letters, opens previously unexplored territories of the neck for all guitarists interested in taking their playing to the next level.

Basic triads to 7th chords are showcased with exercises that become more challenging as the book progresses. The major and natural minor scales, the harmonic and melodic minor scales, the major and minor pentatonic scales and blues scale are given a thorough workout with songs and melodic patterns designed to help reinforce the scales. All are based on the CAGED system for easy memorization and application.

As a bonus, the last chapters focus on fingerstyle guitar; basic fingerpicking, Travis style and blues style finger picking. Each style is explored with rudimentary exercises and songs that are also available for listening on the accompanying CD that contains over 91 tracks and 150 examples!

Some of the guitarists Hemme has worked with have also written praise for his work. Included in the book are Alex Lifeson (shown below), Jennifer Batten,


Randy Bachman, Albert Lee, Peter Frampton (shown below), Steve Howe, Mike Stern and Mike Mushok who have, no doubt, influenced many guitarists.

Available in all books stores and web sites around the world, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Guitar Exercises,” is a great addition to your library!

Here is a brief excerpt lesson from the book featured on the Guitar International Magazine website. A brief tutuorial introduction to chord inversions. “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Guitar Exercises Excerpt and Audio Lesson”


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